How much do you know about the printing process of knitted fabrics?


The printing of advertising shirt knitted fabrics has d […]

The printing of advertising shirt knitted fabrics has developed rapidly in just ten years. However, due to the difficulty of controlling its inch stability during the processing process, it is difficult to develop knitwear, especially the rotary screen printing of spandex knitted fabrics, except for the cotton knitted fabric itself. The size and plasticity of the pattern is large. In addition to the drape weight and the tension of the cloth feeding frame when the cloth is inserted, it is also affected by the stretching force of the speed change. The shape and size of the pattern are more difficult to control, and it is more difficult to maintain the original flower shape when it comes to geometric patterns. Some spirits can hardly achieve satisfactory results. This must be solved by taking necessary control over the entire processing process. Printing process of knitted fabric containing spandex. Weaving open-width rolling + loose cloth + (6 steaming)-pre-shape one + pre-treatment-+ (dyeing) → printing-+ steaming-→ washing> dehydration> drying → shaping. The processing method of color separation design draft. The computer color separation drawing must first be based on the type of fabric, the size of the elasticity, the number of sets, the printing method (direct printing, pull printing, anti-printing), the color depth and the color, and the drawing must be scaled to meet the production requirements specification. Scale of printing size. Under the conditions allowed by the return. Generally, when the spandex content in cotton spandex is between 3% and 5%, the condition design of the entire printing process must be considered. Various parameters of rotary screen printing have been formulated at the time of drafting. The printing speed of the above data is controlled between 30 and 40m/min. If the printing speed is above 50m/min, the warp elongation ratio of the flower shape is required to be greater, but the general printing speed is below 40rn/min, regardless of the flower shape Still the quality is easier to control.

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