How much do you know about woven fabrics?


Do you know that woven fabrics may have these defects? […]

Do you know that woven fabrics may have these defects?
1. Tightness
A warp pattern in the woven fabric pattern is relatively straight, and the phenomenon of the interweaving point being concave into the cloth surface is called tight warp. This kind of situation is more obvious in twill and satin weave fabrics, and in severe cases, the cloth body will be uneven.
Reason analysis: the tension on one of the warp yarns is too high during weaving or the joint is pulled too tightly after the warp yarn is broken.
Two, tight weft
The phenomenon that a weft yarn in the pattern of woven fabric is relatively straight and the interweaving point is concave into the cloth surface is called tight weft. But such defects are rare, and even if they are, they are not obvious.
Reason analysis: This kind of situation occurs when the weft thread is not smoothly returned to the tube or the tube, and the tension is too large when weaving.
Three, different classics
When the warp yarn of woven fabric has a single or parallel thick and fine yarns of non-specified specifications, the phenomenon of different warps will appear.
Reason analysis: When warping, the yarn count of the yarn used for drawing is wrong or the warp yarn of non-specified specification is used.
Four, side support marks
There are about 2-5 cm wide needle punches or traces drawn by needle punches in the edge of the woven fabric, which can cause the weft yarn in this part to bend in a wave shape.
Reason analysis: improper thickness of the needle used in the temple and the stuck ring of the temple cannot be rotated.



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