What are the varieties of pure cotton fabrics?

Summary:VarietyPure cotton fabric is woven from pure cotton yarn, with a wide variety of fabrics and different colors. It can be...

Pure cotton fabric is woven from pure cotton yarn, with a wide variety of fabrics and different colors. It can be divided into primary color cotton, dyed cotton, printed cotton, and yarn-dyed cotton according to the dyeing method; it can also be divided into plain weave, twill, and forged cloth according to the fabric structure.
Primary color cotton
Cotton cloth with the color of natural cotton fiber without bleaching, printing and dyeing processing is called primary color cotton cloth. It can be subdivided into city cloth, coarse cloth and fine cloth according to the thickness of yarn count.
Their characteristics are: thick cloth body, smooth cloth surface, strong and durable, and large shrinkage rate. It can be used as quilt cloth, blank accessories or shirt clothing.
Poplin is the main variety of cotton cloth, with silk style. Its texture is fine and shiny, the cloth body is soft and smooth, and it is crisp and comfortable to wear. It is woven with plain weave.
The structural characteristics of poplin are: the warp yarn density is about twice as high as the weft yarn density, the warp yarn exposed area on the cloth body is more than that of the weft yarn, and its convex parts form obvious diamond-shaped particles on the appearance of the cloth surface. In addition, the yarn count used is higher in quality. Therefore, the texture of the cloth surface is clear, the grain is full, and it is smooth and compact. But the poplin fabric has a big disadvantage, that is, the clothes sewn with it are prone to longitudinal cracks. This is because the poplin warp and weft density is too different, and the strength of the warp and weft is unbalanced, causing the warp strength to be nearly double the weft strength. the result of.
Wool blue cloth
Normal grey fabrics must be singed before dyeing to make the fabric surface smooth and smooth, but wool blue fabrics are not. There is no need to singe before dyeing. After dyeing, the fabric will retain a layer of fluff, so it is called "wool" blue fabric. . Wool blue cloth is generally dyed with blue dye, which has good dye fastness, generous color, and has a more colorful feeling as it is washed.
There are many specifications: wool blue coarse cloth, wool blue fine cloth and so on. Generally suitable for outer garments, sold in urban and rural areas.
Dyeing and printing cloth
This kind of cloth is made by printing, dyeing and bleaching all kinds of white grey cloth. According to different colors, it is divided into plain cloth, bleached cloth and printed cloth.
Plain cloth: refers to a single color cotton fabric, generally piece dyed after mercerizing.
Bleached cloth: a white cotton fabric obtained by bleaching the original color grey cloth. It can be divided into two types: mercerized cloth and natural light cloth. The surface of mercerized cloth is smooth and glossy, and the hand feels smooth; the surface of the mercerized cloth is dull and rough in hand. Bleached cloth is generally used to make underwear, bed sheets, etc.
Printed cloth: It is made of white grey cloth with low yarn count after printing. There are two types: mercerized and natural. Depending on the printing method, this kind of cloth has different appearance effects, mostly with bright colors on the front side and dull side on the back side. Suitable for making women's and children's clothing.

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