Textile fabric wholesale teaches you how to identify woolen fabrics?


As the woolen fabric market is getting hotter day by da […]

As the woolen fabric market is getting hotter day by day, there are more and more types of woolen cloth on the market. The dazzling woolen products make consumers a little confused. Most consumers still cannot distinguish woolen fabrics, so some black-hearted businesses use this to deceive consumers and make huge profits. Based on this phenomenon, today we have to tell consumers some simple ways to identify woolen fabrics.

The first thing to tell everyone is that most of the wool on the market today is not pure wool or pure velvet. When you buy a woolen coat, many businesses will tell you that their clothes are pure wool or pure wool, but in fact wool can be divided into many types, including pure wool, pure wool, wool blend, wool polyester Blended and pure polyester. So how to identify it?
First of all, we can look at the weight of woolen fabrics. Generally speaking, the weight is relatively good, but it is not absolute. Some fabrics are designed to be lighter.
Looking at color and softness is also a way. Generally speaking, woolen fabrics with good color and soft hand feel have higher purity. Polyester fabrics tend to become hard after being soaked in water due to the addition of more colloids.
In addition, you can also use the method of burning, you can draw out a piece of hair to ignite, the real hair generally burns slowly, and there will be a burnt smell when burning.
If the above method is too cumbersome, then there is a more direct method, and that is price. Generally speaking, a few hundred pieces of woolen clothes must be all-polyester, and about 1,000 pieces are usually polyester-wool blends. Of course, this is not absolute. If the textile fabrics wholesale fine imitation woolen fabrics, even the price of polyester will be higher.

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