What are the applications of spandex fabrics?


The applications of spandex fabrics are:     […]

The applications of spandex fabrics are:



Spandex can be used in garments that can be stretched to meet comfort requirements. Such as: professional sportswear, gym clothes and exercise clothing, diving suits, swimming suits, swimming suits for competitions, basketball suits, bras and suspenders, ski pants, disco, jeans, slacks, socks, leggings, diapers, tights, Belts, underwear, jumpsuits, spandex underwear, straps for male ballet dancers, surgical protective clothing, protective clothing for logistics forces, short sleeves for cycling, wrestling vests, boating suits, underwear, performance clothing, Qualitative clothing, etc. Such as: bras, furnishings, bead pillows.


The ratio of spandex used in general clothes is relatively small. In North America, it is seldom used on men's clothes and more used on women's clothes. Because women's clothes are required to be more close-fitting. In use, other fibers such as cotton and polyester blends are added in large quantities to reduce the gloss to a minimum.

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