What are the characteristics of spandex fabrics?


Characteristics of spandex fabric: The main characteris […]

Characteristics of spandex fabric:
The main characteristic of spandex is that it has excellent elasticity. In the process of producing clothing, the content of spandex is about 5% to 20%. Secondly, the stretchability of spandex is also very good and has good shape retention. The fabric can quickly return to its original shape after being folded or rubbed, so the phenomenon of fabric wrinkles is rarely seen. Spandex also has outstanding performance in acid and alkali resistance. It is not easy to age and easy to maintain.



As for the feel of the fabric, it also depends on the blending ingredients. The softness of spandex and cotton blended fabric is definitely better than chemical fiber. Cotton spandex clothes are soft and elastic, suitable for the production of T-shirts, sportswear and underwear. However, the moisture absorption of spandex is not good, and the moisture absorption and breathability of fabrics blended with spandex, such as polyester and nylon, will be worse. Therefore, you must look at the composition of the fabric when you buy clothes.

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