What are the common problems of spandex fabrics?


Common problems of spandex fabrics are:     Q […]

Common problems of spandex fabrics are:



Q: What is the difference between polyester and spandex?
Answer: Polyester (stiff and not wrinkled):
Features: high strength, good impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good light resistance, 1000 hours of exposure, strong retention of 60-70%, poor moisture absorption, difficult to dye, easy to fabric It dries quickly and has good shape retention. With the characteristics of "wash and wear"
Filament: often used as low-stretch yarn to make various textiles;
Staple fiber: cotton, wool, linen, etc. can be blended. Industrial: tire cord, fishing net, rope, filter cloth, insulation material, etc. Spandex (elastic fiber):
The best elasticity, the worst strength, poor moisture absorption, good light resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and abrasion resistance.
Uses: Spandex is widely used in underwear, women's underwear, casual wear, sportswear, socks, pantyhose, bandages, etc. in the textile field and medical field based on its characteristics. Spandex is a highly elastic fiber necessary for high-performance clothing that is dynamic and convenient. Spandex can be extended 5-7 times longer than the original shape, so it is comfortable to wear, soft to the touch, wrinkle-free, and can always maintain the original contour.


Q: What role does spandex play?
Answer: Spandex is a polyurethane fiber. Because of its excellent elasticity, it is also called elastic fiber. It has been widely used in clothing fabrics and has the characteristics of high elasticity.
Spandex fabrics are mainly used in the manufacture of tights, sportswear, body belts and shoe soles. Its varieties can be divided into warp elastic fabrics, weft elastic fabrics and warp and weft bidirectional elastic fabrics according to the needs of use.

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