What is the difference between cotton fabric and warp knitted fabric?


1. Knitted fabrics first use knitting needles to bend t […]

1. Knitted fabrics first use knitting needles to bend the yarns into loops, and then connect to each other to form a fabric. Knitted fabrics can be divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. The knitted fabric feels soft and has good moisture absorption. The fabric itself has good air permeability. Knitted fabrics will be very warm in winter. Most knitted fabrics have good ductility and elasticity. Clothes made of knitted fabrics are comfortable to wear, close to the body and breathable, and can reflect the beauty of the human body.

2. Cotton wool cloth is what we often call double rib fabric, and this weft knitting method is also called double-sided cloth. This is because the front and back sides of the fabric are loops, so this weft flat needle is also called double-sided fabric. The surface of the fabric is smooth and delicate, the texture is thick and straight, the overall desire of the fabric can be more stable, and the strength is also high.

3. According to the comparison of these two fabrics, cotton cloth is more suitable for clothes than summer, and knitted cloth is more suitable for autumn and winter clothes. Generally, the fabrics made by these two weaving methods are very good, and the price of cotton felt may be more expensive than knitted fabrics.

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