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HAINING MINGMAO TEXTILE CO LTD is one of medium-high end

China polyester knitted fabrics suppliers and polyester knitted fabric factory

, we are specialized on Yoga Pants/Suit Fabric, Swimwear Fabric, Sports Jacket/Coat Fabric,Fitness Fabric.

We located in Haining City,Zhejiang Province which is China's one of famous knitting industrial Base. Our annual production capacity is more than 2000 tons. Our polyester knitted fabric export to Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Africa, America, Canada, Chile etc. and being supplier for brand customer as Nike, Adidas Reebok,Primark,Kmart,Lululemon,Alphaborder, Unisync etc.






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  • What are the forms of spandex?

    There are also different brightness forms in the production of spandex, usually: Transparent, CLEAR- LUSTER: The surface fibers are relatively smooth, so the reflection becomes transparent, the frict...

    What are the forms of spandex?
  • What is wet spinning and chemi...

    wet spinning WET-SPINNING, a method in which the original solution is solidified into silk by double diffusion in a coagulation bath. Production process: stock solution----spinning pump----enter warm ...

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  • What are the production method...

    Spandex fiber overcomes quality defects such as stress, strain properties, count range and flexibility of rubber yarns. It was first produced by dry spinning. Today, there are roughly four production ...

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  • Why isn't spandex used alone?

    Spandex is generally not used alone, but is incorporated into fabrics in small amounts. This kind of fiber has both rubber properties and fiber properties. Most of them are used for core-spun yarn wit...

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  • Do you know what physical prop...

    Synthetic fibers with high elongation at break (above 400%), low modulus and high elastic recovery. Chinese trade name for multi-block polyurethane fibers. Also called elastic fiber. Spandex has high ...

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    Chemical fibers refer to those fibers that are made of natural or synthetic high polymers and processed by chemical methods. They can be divided into two categories: man-made fibers and synthetic fibe...

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