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HAINING MINGMAO TEXTILE CO LTD is one of medium-high end

China polyester knitted fabrics suppliers and polyester knitted fabric factory

, we are specialized on Yoga Pants/Suit Fabric, Swimwear Fabric, Sports Jacket/Coat Fabric,Fitness Fabric.

We located in Haining City,Zhejiang Province which is China's one of famous knitting industrial Base. Our annual production capacity is more than 2000 tons. Our polyester knitted fabric export to Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Africa, America, Canada, Chile etc. and being supplier for brand customer as Nike, Adidas Reebok,Primark,Kmart,Lululemon,Alphaborder, Unisync etc.






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    Premium percale tulle smooth combed woven fabric with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch. Calendered calico is usually printed. Widely used in interior decoration fabrics. Sateen A satin weave w...

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    1. Plain cloth Plain cloth refers to plain cloth. Generally, the warp and weft yarns used are the same or have little difference, the warp and weft density is also very close, and there is no obvious ...

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    Washing: Clothing is woven from protein-based delicate health care fibers. It is not advisable to rub on rough items and wash with a washing machine. The clothing should be immersed in cold water for ...

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