Do you know the count and mixing rate of the core spun yarn?

Summary:Spandex has different uses and various product forms, mainly divided into three types: bare yarn, core-spun yarn, covere...
Spandex has different uses and various product forms, mainly divided into three types: bare yarn, core-spun yarn, covered or twisted yarn. Each different combination corresponds to a different purpose.
Bare yarn: It is 100% spandex yarn. Bare yarn is generally not used directly on fabrics. Most of them are co-produced with rival materials and require special equipment to produce. Knitwear is the most commonly used, such as swimwear, sportswear, etc., generally 22-78Dtex.
Core spun yarn: yarn spun with bare yarn as the core and other materials as the outer sheath, referred to as CSY. For example, using cotton core-spun yarn to insert the drafted bare yarn on the spinning car of the ring spinning machine, the elongation of the bare yarn wrapped around the core-spun yarn must be properly adjusted, and its expansion and contraction rate is suppressed to 2-3 times. Nowadays, core-spun yarn is divided into hard-core yarn and soft-core yarn. The rival materials of core-spun yarn are cotton, polyester, nitrile and so on. It is widely used in fabrics, knitwear, bandages, socks, underwear, denim, generally 22-235Dtex.
General core yarn count and mixing rate (%):
60s cotton bale 22dtex = cotton 92% spandex 8%;
80s cotton bale 22dtex = cotton 90% spandex 10%;
55s cotton bale 33dtex = cotton 91% spandex 9%;
60s cotton bale 33dtex = cotton 90% spandex 10%;
30s cotton bale 44dtex = cotton 92% spandex 8%;
40s cotton bale 44dtex = cotton 90% spandex 10%;
50s cotton bale 44dtex = cotton 87% spandex 13%;
12s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 96% spandex 4%;
16s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 95% spandex 5%;
20s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 93% spandex 7%;
30s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 90% spandex 10%;
40s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 87% spandex 13%;
50s cotton bale 78dtex = cotton 84% spandex 16%;
20s cotton bale 122dtex = cotton 93% spandex 7%;
36s cotton bale 122dtex = cotton 91% spandex 9%;
8s cotton bale 155dtex = cotton 95% spandex 5%;
20s cotton bale 155dtex = cotton 88% spandex 12%;
36s cotton bale 155dtex = cotton 79% spandex 21%;
40s cotton bale 155dtex = cotton 77% spandex 23%.
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