Do you know what are the advantages of Lycra fabrics?

Summary:Advantages of Lycra fabrics: 1. The stretch and elasticity of Lycra fabric is very good, and it is not easy to deform. ...
Advantages of Lycra fabrics:
1. The stretch and elasticity of Lycra fabric is very good, and it is not easy to deform. Lycra is composed of spandex fiber, which is composed of flexible segments and rigid segments. This molecular structure gives Lycra excellent extensibility and elastic recovery properties. This fabric can be stretched to the original length of 4 ~7 times and will not deform, it can still stick to the surface of the human body after recovery, and the binding force is very small, and it is very comfortable to wear.
2. Lycra fabrics are used in a very wide range. Generally, this kind of fabric is not used alone, but needs to be used in conjunction with other fabrics, including wool, linen, silk, cotton and other fabrics to increase the fit and elasticity of the fabric. , flexibility and comfort, and Lycra is different from most spandex yarns, Lycra has a very special chemical structure and will not grow mold when wet or in a sealed space, and has a longer service life.
3. The clothing styles of lycra fabrics are also very beautiful and diverse. After adding lycra to the clothes worn by many girls, the folds of the fabric can be easily restored automatically and the clothes can be more elegant and not easily deformed, flexible and free, even if the production is rigorous The suits and jackets will not have the slightest sense of urgency and cramps, and the addition of Lycra to knitted fabrics such as undershirts, underwear, and fitness pants will make them fit and comfortable, and can stretch and move freely.
Fourth, the comfort of lycra fabric is very good, because this fabric has a strong stretching ability, so it will not make people feel depressed and uncomfortable, and the combination of lycra fabric and cotton, knitted and other fabrics is very soft and comfortable, and breathable Sex is also relatively good, and the styles are diverse, which greatly satisfies the requirements of people in modern society who want to pursue fashion and beauty, and want to wear comfortable and happy.


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