What are the types of terry cloth fabrics?

Summary:1. Cut pile terry cloth: It is mainly used to cut the loops of ordinary towels during its processing, so that the surfac...

1. Cut pile terry cloth: It is mainly used to cut the loops of ordinary towels during its processing, so that the surface can form a very flat fluff, and its two sides are fluff, so it must be cut Down; it is also possible that it has cut pile on one side and loops on the other side.
The characteristics of cut velvet towels are mainly soft, delicate, comfortable and then printed, which is not only comfortable to use, but also a kind of enjoyment to look at.
2. Non-twisted yarn terry cloth: It is mainly a spinning method that uses adhesives instead of twisting means to make the strands of synthetic yarns. In the yarn forming process, false twists must be applied to the strands. After the yarns are formed, they need to be untwisted into untwisted yarns. The terry cloth made of such untwisted yarns feels good, soft, and has very water absorption. it is good.
3. Jacquard terry cloth. Towels with various patterns are woven on a jacquard machine using yarns of different tissues, colors or raw materials. This kind of towel has a complex structure, exquisite and delicate patterns, and colorful and changeable colors. The fiber raw materials, yarn fineness, fabric structure and warp and weft density have a wide range of changes, and its design and weaving technology are also more complicated.
4. Antibacterial towel cloth. The antibacterial towels are made of cotton yarn containing Zefte antibacterial factors or towels treated with silver antibacterial agents, which have a good inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli. The sterilization function can still reach 94-98% after washing more than 100 times. Even on the premise of being moist and warm, this kind of towel will not be mildewed and smelly. At the same time, it has anti-mite and anti-bacterial effects. It is a new type of health care towel.
5. Bamboo fiber towel cloth. Durable, good water absorption, soft and comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable, easy to clean, not smelly, and can also be used for grooming.
6. Wood fiber towel cloth. It has good water absorption and is easy to remove oil. It can be used in the kitchen


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