Textile fabric wholesale introduces the difference between blended and interwoven?


The difference between blended and interwoven, there ar […]

The difference between blended and interwoven, there are three main types of real silk fabrics, one is pure silk, 100% silk. There are also two types that are not pure silk, one is blended and the other is interwoven. There are two main reasons for these two forms. One is that the cost of real silk is too high, so some of the ingredients are changed to other cheaper ones. Another is that the real silk itself has some problems, such as easy to wrinkle, easy to break, adding some other ingredients can alleviate this problem. So back to the topic, what is the difference between interweaving and blending? It looks complicated, but it's actually very simple to break. Textile fabric wholesale introduces interweaving, there is only one component in the yarn, but the fabric is composed of two different yarns, this is interweaving. Such as silk cotton spinning, silk cotton satin. For blending, there are two or more components in a strand of yarn. Now the more common blending is generally about 50% silk + 50% other components.

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