What are the advantages of Lycra fabrics?


When the designer talks about his work, he likes to say […]

When the designer talks about his work, he likes to say that he used a little Lycra Fabric. Perhaps, not only is the clothing with Lycra quite fashionable, but the word itself has a strong fashionable color.The advantage of Lycra: It is a polyester spandex produced by dry spinning. Its fiber is composed of flexible and rigid segments. It is this molecular structure that gives Lycra excellent extensibility and elastic recovery performance. Lycra can be stretched to 4-7 times the original length, and the recovery rate is 100%. After recovery, it can be close to the surface of the human body, and the restraining force on the human body is very small. It cannot be used alone, and can be interwoven with any other man-made or natural fibers. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, is an invisible fiber, and can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk and cotton, to increase the close-fitting, elasticity, and loose nature of the fabric, making it more flexible when moving. Moreover, Lycra is different from most spandex yarns. It has a special chemical structure and will not grow mold in a humid and heat sealed space after being wet. Therefore, Lycra is called a "friendly" fiber, not only because it can be thoroughly fused with natural and man-made fibers, but also can increase the comfort of fabrics or clothing, the feeling of restraint, the freedom of movement and the service life.
Add Lycra to women's garments such as trousers, coats, etc., the folds can be easily restored automatically, the clothes are more elegant and not easy to deform, flexible and free, and feel the free new body. Even rigorous suits, jackets, etc. are made without the slightest sense of urgency or cramps. Knitwear such as sweatshirts, underwear, fitness pants and other knitwear add a little lycra, which is fit and comfortable. It stretches freely on the body and can move with you.
Lycra has a wide range of applications and can add extra comfort to all types of ready-to-wear garments, including underwear, customized jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, knitwear, etc. It greatly improves the hand feel, drape and crease recovery ability of the fabric, improves the comfort and fit of various clothes, and makes all kinds of clothes show new vitality.



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