What are the fabrics suitable for summer?


What fabric is suitable for summer, and what fabric is […]

What fabric is suitable for summer, and what fabric is comfortable to wear in summer? People who love to sweat and are afraid of heat often feel that their clothes are soaked in sweat and very uncomfortable. Today, Haining Mingmao Textile will explain to you what fabrics to wear in summer are comfortable, cool and healthy.
Recommended fabric one: pure cotton
Pure cotton, as the name suggests, is clothes made of cotton fibers. Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, can absorb sweat and make the skin refreshed. The clothes made of pure cotton are very soft and make people feel very comfortable. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is cellulose. Cotton fiber fabric has no irritation and side effects to the skin, and has good hygiene properties.
Recommended fabric 2: Silk
The real silk fabric is pure silkworm white woven silk fabric. Its texture is soft and smooth, and the hand feels soft and light. Haining Mingmao has rich and colorful textile designs and is cool and comfortable to wear.
Recommended fabric three: pure linen

Hemp fiber comes from a variety of hemp fabrics, it is the world's first anti-fiber raw material used by humans. Hemp fiber is a cellulose fiber, and many qualities are similar to cotton fiber. It is known as a cool and noble fiber because of its low output and other characteristics. Its advantages are extremely high strength, moisture absorption, heat conduction, and good air permeability. Its disadvantage is that it is not very comfortable to wear, and its appearance is rough and stiff.

The development of modern textile technology has not only made natural fibers the darling of summer, some improved chemical fiber materials have also changed the past airtight and stuffy, and their breathability, moisture absorption, and sweat wicking functions are not inferior to silk, linen, and cotton. The most important thing is that these synthetic fibers not only don't feel stuffy and hot to wear, but they can also be washed in the washing machine, saving time and convenience without deforming. So, how do you judge the fabric of the clothes you want to buy? It's actually very simple, mainly looking at the ingredient label. If there is a label, it goes without saying that silk, hemp, and cotton. If you want to distinguish new synthetic fibers, you need to remember these terms, such as new solvent-processed fiber, tencel, regenerated cellulose fiber, etc., all of which have been improved The garment made of chemical fiber is extremely breathable. In addition, from the appearance and structure of the fabric, the lighter and thinner the fabric with larger pores, the cooler it is. However, there are some elastic fibers, such as chemical fiber and spandex. Although they are also light and thin, they are not improved chemical fibers. Poor air permeability, clothes will stick to your body when you sweat, so pay attention to distinguish them when buying.

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