What are the types of terry cloth fabrics introduced?


Terry cloth can be divided into single-sided terry clot […]

Terry cloth can be divided into single-sided terry cloth, double-sided terry cloth and jacquard terry cloth, which are soft and comfortable, good in warmth, and strong in sweat absorption. It is generally used as the lining of bottoming shirts, pajamas, bath towels, towels, and sweaters, and has a wide range of uses.
Let's take a look at the characteristics and types of terry cloth fabrics with knitted fabric manufacturers.
Towel is a woven fabric with textile fiber as raw material with loop pile or loop pile cut pile. Generally, pure cotton yarn is used as raw material, and a small amount of blended yarn or chemical fiber yarn is used. Woven with a towel loom. According to the weaving method, there are two types: knitting and woven; according to the purpose, there are face towels, pillow towels, towel quilts, sofa towels, etc.; in addition, there are terry cloth, used for sewing clothes. The surface has dense loops, soft hand feeling, strong water absorption and storage, good wear resistance and warmth retention. Common patterns are white towels, plain towels, colored striped towels, floral towels, mercerized towels, spiral towels, jacquard towels, and jacquard fabric towels. It is used for scrubbing and can be directly in contact with the human body. Towels were invented in Britain in 1848, and my country began production in Beijing in 1902. The pile structure is a combination of flat stitches and pile loops with elongated sinking arcs. Generally, two yarns are woven, one yarn is weaving a ground weave, and the other yarn is weaving a loop with loops. Terry weaves can be divided into two types: ordinary terry weaves and colorful terry weaves, as well as single-sided and double-sided.

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