What is Lycra fabric?


Lycra fabrics are fabrics made of spandex fibers (short […]

Lycra fabrics are fabrics made of spandex fibers (short for Spandex polyurethane fibers). They are also called "racks" (Lycra's Cantonese pronunciation) in the Cantonese area, and sometimes directly called "spandex cloth" in the Mainland.
"Lycra" is the transliteration of the English word LYCRA. It was successfully researched by Bayer in Germany in 1937, and DuPont began production in 1959. It is the registered trademark of DuPont spandex fiber, which can greatly improve The elasticity and extensibility of the fabric, and the good recovery of spandex after stretching are its biggest advantages. The difference from traditional elastic fiber is that it can stretch up to 500% and can be restored to its original shape. In other words, this kind of fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can stick to the surface of the human body after recovery, and the restraining force on the human body is very small. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric and is called a "friendly" fiber. Its good quality is recognized by its peers. As long as the garments that use Lycra will have a triangle tag, this tag has also become a symbol of high quality.
Lycra is a trade name of INVISTA, the world’s largest integrated fiber and polymer company (formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont, acquired by Koch Industries for US$4.4 billion in 2004). INVISTA has a market monopoly in the spandex field. , Lycra is almost synonymous with all spandex yarns. It completely replaces the traditional elastic elastic cord. Lycra is almost an indispensable element in gym suits and swimming suits with special requirements. It allows you to show your curves and stretch your limbs freely without any pressure. Lycra is not only widely used in daily clothing, but also a pet in the popular kaleidoscope made by fashion designers. Lycra was therefore called the magic fiber by people who were delighted.

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