Why does the spandex stretch cloth wrinkle?


Spandex elastic cloth is an extremely popular casual cl […]

Spandex elastic cloth is an extremely popular casual clothing fabric. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also has excellent breathability and moisture absorption properties. It is also loved by consumers because it can maintain the beautiful appearance of the clothing. However, due to the characteristics of spandex raw materials and the characteristics of core-spun yarn production, the production quality control of spandex core-spun yarn and elastic fabric is more difficult than ordinary ring spinning and ordinary fabrics. In particular, the wrinkling of the spandex elastic cloth surface caused by the difference in the shrinkage of the cloth surface caused by the uneven elasticity of the elastic yarn brings great troubles to the spinning and weaving production. This kind of defective cloth is also called "bubble wrinkle", which generally appears more frequently and varies in severity. Slight wrinkling generally does not affect the effect of the spandex elastic cloth, but excessive wrinkling will seriously affect the appearance of the cloth surface, causing the whole load to drop, etc., and the loss is large.


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